Sandy, beach-eraser

Seaside Height Pier, NJ. View looking west along the New Jersey shore. Storm waves and surge eroded the beach and destroyed the seaward edge of the pier and deposited the roller coaster superstructure in the ocean. Sediment deposited on the island is visible in the background and indicates that overwash occurred here.

Sandy -- superstorm, hybrid, hurricane, post-tropical cyclone, or just plain Sandy -- smashed records along the East Coast.

When the storm made landfall, the central pressure, a measure of the storm's intensity, may have been the lowest ever recorded, although that's under review.

Philadelphia reported its lowest pressure reading, and the Delaware River reached an all-time high mark at Philadelphia.

The people who live or own property at the Shore probably need no further evidence of the storm's destructive power.

But both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Geological Survey have released some more visual evidence.

Both agencies have released before-and-after aerial shots of the coastline that show the damages rather dramatically.

Here are the NOAA and USGS photos.