Record warmth since March 1

The period from March 1 through Sept. 30 was far and away the warmest such period ever in Philadelphia.

 As Glenn Schwartz at NBC10 points out, all seven of those months officially were among the warmest in the period of record, dating to 1874. That includes June, which had the highest average June temperature ever.

Not surprisingly, the average temperature for the 214 days -- 69.3 -- is in a class by itself. It beat 1991's 67.9 by a full 1.4 degrees. That's mighty impressive considered the other four years on the top 5 list are clustered tightly just fractions of a degree from one another. They are as follows -- 1991, 67.3; 1995, 67.4; 1921, 67.3, and 2002, 67.