Record warm six months

With 99.99 percent of the votes counted, we are declaring this to be the warmest first half of a year since official recordkeeping began in Philadelphia in 1874.

The January through June temperature will end up at 54.8, assuming that tomorrow's blistering forecast is correct.

That would beat 1991 by 0.4 degrees. We also note that seven of the 10 warmest January-June periods have occurred since 1990.

The forecast high for tomorrow is 97, which would make it ever-so subtly cooler than today's 98 recorded officially at Philadelphia International Airport. The heat index got up to 104.

In Washington, by the way, where it always feels hotter, the temperature hit a record 94.

The Fourth isn't looking too bad right now, at least compared with this. Highs should top out around 90.

A reminder that the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging will keep the heatline open until midnight tonight and tomorrow night, and until 8 p.m. Sunday.

The number is 215-765-9040.