Raining records

Since Aug. 1 officially an unreal 26.37 inches of rain have been measured at Philadelphia International Airport.

That's in just 51 days. In 1922, 29.51 inches of rain fell during the entire year. The 49.17 inches since Jan. 1 would place 2011 at No. 15 on the all-time list, dating to 1872, if not another drop of rain falls before Jan. 1.

As you might suspect, we've already set an August-September record for precipitation - by plenty.

Let's put it this way, if this were a baseball season, the two-month total would merit homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and probably could skip right to the parade.

The August-September total for 2011 already has about a two-month lead over 1882, in second place at 18.49, followed by 1999, 18.39; 1971, 15.44, and 1873, 15.12.

And 2011 is still adding rain. So far, 0.03 has been measured today at Philadelphia International Airport, with showers in the forecast for the rest of the week.

Some of the rain later in the week could be heavy. No tropical storms are around -- although another one is taking shape in the Atlantic -- but the atmosphere does have a decent supply of moisture.

Hard to believe that September began with a drought watch.