Rain: Another flood watch?

As noted, our precipitation totals since Aug. 1 transcend the concept of "extreme."

The running tally at Philadelphia International Airport for the 52 days stands at 28.87 inches, or within a half-inch of the amount of precipitation during the entire calendar year in 1922.

The rainfall since Aug. 1 is more than quadruple the normal total, which would be 6.5 inches.

Now it appears that another assault of significant rain is on the way. Showers are possible from now until Tuesday, with the heftier rain due on Friday.

Since the rain will be showery, it isn't possible to say precisely where any downpours would be concentrated.

But in its morning discussion, the National Weather Service noted that it may have to hoist another flood watch for at least parts of the area.

The weather service's Mount Holly office is hosting its annual open house for the public on Saturday, and it might turn out to be a busy day for the meteorologists on duty.