Rain: Yet another record

We're not sure if this is some kind of record in and of itself, but today marked the sixth time in three months that a daily rain record was set in Philadelphia.

Officially, 1.89 inches of rain landed in the rain gauge at the airport, a few splashes better than the 1.48 of Sept. 2, 2006, now No. 2 on the list.

Daily precipitation records also were set on June 7; June 8; June 10; July 23, and on July 29, the heavy-wet champ as the rainiest day ever, with 8.02 inches measured.

As we've reported, the meteorological summer, the June 1-Aug.31 period, was the wettest since recordkeeping began in Philadelphia in the 1870s.

Since Jan. 1, a total of 44.13 inches of precipitation has fallen since Jan. 1 and already is well over the average for an entire calendar year, which is just under 42 inches.