Rain: Dry streak ending?

A few sprinkles invaded the region this afternoon, and they probably sizzled when they hit the asphalt or the browning grass.

The forecast and the moist condition of the atmopshere suggest more where those droplets came from, and the hoses might be getting a weekend off.

Occasionally heavy rain is possible later tomorrow, with episodic showers, and the Naitonal Weather Service forecast calls for up to a half-inch on Sunday.

That would be about 16 times what has fallen so far this month.

More certain than the rain is a fresh surge of heat, with enough to trigger heat warnings for Monday and Tuesday.

The temperature hit 91 today, the 12th time in 13 days it has hit 90 or better; it reached 89 on Tuesday.

That makes 22 days of 90-plus this year, and that number almost certainly will pass 25 by the end of next week.

The normal through the end of July is 17.