Rain: Another record

File photo: Philadelphians hunkered under their umbrellas at 18th and Market. (Ed Hille / Staff Photographer)

Enough of Monday night's rain found its way into the official rain gauge at Philadelphia International Airport to make a little climate history.

Officially, 2.10 inches of rain was measured on Monday, beating the reigning champ, June 10, 1903, by 0.02 inches.

To put that in perspective, the rain that has fallen since Friday - over 5.5 inches - exceeds the total that fell from March 19 through May 31.

Monday saw more than its share of nuisance flooding, but no major river flooding occurred.

One reason: Rainfall since Feb. 1 has been below normal in the region.

But despite the shortfall, thanks to the precipitation we did receive, and a lack of early heat this spring, the foliage has a lushness and durability unseen in recent years.

All that healthy foliage is quite thirsty and thus able to absorb mass quantities of moisture. That may bode well for the fate of the U.S. Open in Merion.

A chance of showers remains in the forecast, but the latest discussion from the National Weather Service suggests any showers might pass to the north.

No one in Merion would complain.