Rain: Another day, another record?

Pedestrians scramble through a rain storm during an evening commute last week in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

With Sunday's rains, June 2013 not only added to its record total among all Junes, it moved up in the standings in the all-month list.

The final, official National Weather Service  total for June 2013 at Philadelphia International Airport was 10.56 inches, all-but drowning the old record of 10.06, set back in 1938.

Last month became the rainiest month not named August or September, which more often have benefitted from tropical-storm remnants.

It also claimed No. 6 on the all-month list. No. 1, you might remember, belongs to August 2011, perhaps in perpetuity. That was the month of Irene.

As for today, more heavy rain is likely. At last measure, the daily total at the airport stood at 0.15 inches, although downpours hammered areas to the north and west, and flood warning is in effect for parts of Montgomery County.

In one of those quirks of the climate record, the daily record for a July 1 is a mere 1.07 inches, definitely within reach based on the forecast.

That was set way, way back in 1877. Philadelphia has one of the nation's longest data sets, with precipitation totals dating to 1872.

Meanwhile, here are the top 6 rainy months, according to the weather service.

AUG 2011...19.31

SEP 1999...13.07

AUG 1911...12.10

SEP 1882...12.09

AUG 1873...11.79

JUN 2013 10.56.