Postseason Weather: Did we mention Minneapolis?

Earlier, we mentioned that the deeper the Phillies and Yankees make it into the playoffs, the greater the likelihood that a nasty coastal storm would coincide with a scheduled game in Philadelphia or New York. We are on the threshold of the nor'easter season, and Game 7 of the World Series is scheduled for Nov. 4. Minneapolis doesn't have to worry about coastal rainstorms, but wintry weather does tend to arrive a little earlier out that way. On Nov. 4, 1910, the temperature fell to 3 below zero, Fahrenheit. On Nov. 1, 1910, Minneapolis had 18.5 inches of snow. Next year, Major League Baseball promises that the World Series will be over by Oct. 27. That would probably work out better for Minnesotans. The Minneapolis temperature has never gone below 13 on that date, and it has never snowed more than 3 inches.