Phillies vs. Giants Update: Zero hours loom

The Phillies, Giants, Major League Baseball, and Fox are about to dodge an atmospheric bullet with the timing of this week's coastal storm. The game should go on, since the rain should be long gone by late Friday. But then the storm is forecast to go into a full wind-up and hurl powerful backlash winds through the day Saturday and into the night. At game-time, both the National Weather Service and Accu-Weather have sustained winds over 20 m.p.h. howling from the northwest, or blowing in from left-center, with temperatures in the chilly 50s. Not that Roy Halladay or Tim Lincecum necessarily need the help, but right now it appears they are going to get it anyway. A storm will form off the Mid-Atlantic coast tomorrow and become an old-fashioned nor'easter. It may generate 1 to 2 inches of rain around here into Friday. That won't be enough to set off major flooding, but with all the leaf-fall this is the storm-drain clogging season, so expect road-ponding. On Friday, the storm is forecast to bomb out off near New England, and then the winds are going to get serious, with wind gusts past 45 m.p.h. possible. Winds circulate counterclockwise around centers of low pressure, so areas to the southwest of the center experience northwest winds. That would be an ill wind for hitters at Citizens Bank Park.