Phillies: Rain delay?

The Philadelphia region is getting an afternoon respite from the rain, but an impressive-looking blob on radar is pulsing northward and may get here during the late-day commute.

Heavy rain has fallen in the Baltimore-Washington area, with parts of that region under flood advisories. 

The Washington forecast is calling for a 100 percent chance of rain, heavy at times, right on through the night and into the early-morning hours.

Don't be surprised if those tickets to that Washington Nationals-Phillies game tonight end up turning into rain checks.

Of course, even with a postponement, the Phillies could clinch the division title if the Atlanta Braves lose at home tonight to the Florida Marlins.The Atlanta forecast is for showers, but they should be over by game time.

As for the local rains, if you've been outside you know the air has that tropical feel. That's no illusion; it's full of moisture.

This is the first rainy Monday of the school year, and after all those dry days, it's possible that the region will up with close to 3 inches of rain total, with more possible later in the week.

That would be quite a turnaround, given that only 0.8 inches had fallen through the first 26 days of the mont.

For now, thanks to all those dry days, the threat of widespread stream flooding is negligible since it should fall well below the National Weather Service's flood triggers.