Phillies Forecast: Roy H. should like it

Giving the quality of pitching, the Phillies-Cardinals opener is unlikely to be a slug fest.

But nature is going to give the hitters exactly what they don't need. It's going to side with the pitchers.

At game time, temperatures will be in the upper 50s with a healthy 12 m.p.h. wind blowing in from left field.

That breeze should persist throughout the game, and those aerodynamics would work against the flight of fly balls.

In addition, it will be cooling off, and a cooler atmosphere is less buoyant than a wam one, which helps explain why balls tend to carry so well in June.

One element could dampen the prospects for starting pitchers Roy Halladay and Kyle Lohse  is an outside threat of showers.

No starting pitcher wants a rain delay -- especially on a pitchers' night.