Near record warmth

The temperature reached 66 this afternoon at Philadelphia International Airport, the highest reading since way back in Nov. 14 when everyone was expecting a mild winter.

That's just 2 shy of the record for the date set back in 1976 durnig a remarkable February in which the temperature went past 60 in Philly 12 times, hitting 70 once.

Expect another run at tomorrow's record, 69, set in both 1890 and 1891; we don't know if that touched off any global warming discussions.

After tomorrow, winter will try to make a comeback with a strong frontal passage and winds gusting to 45 m.p.h. Saturday.

Temperatures may not get out of the 30s on Tuesday, and some early-week snow remains a possibility.

Such wild temperature swings are more characteristic of March, and temperature contrasts are a big reason that March is the windiest month of the year.

But February also has a bi-polar side. On this date in 1958, after a paralzying snowstorm, the high for the day was 11.