Sunday, December 28, 2014

May day deferred

We'll have to settle for April; meanwhile it's June in Chicago.

May day deferred

We know of a local restaurant with a brisk outdoor-table business that was all geared up for a big day yesterday.

But those plans were ambushed by a strong sea breeze off the cooler, damp Atlantic, and the official high in Philadelphia was a mere 58, a paltry 4 degrees above normal.

This isn't going to be an ideal day for outdoor dining either, with highs topping about in the mid-60s, about what one would expect around Tax Day on April 15.

Meanwhile, June continues to bust out all over in Chicago. The high there yesterday was 81 -- normal for a June 20 -- and a full 7 degrees above the record, and 35 degrees above normal.

It's due to hit 80 out that way tomorrow, with upper 70s today and Sunday.  

It appears we'll have to wait until Monday to see 70 again, with a sidewalk-cafe advisory for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the low and mid 70s.

Still no mild-winter pay-back in sight.

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