Marching toward records

March has a reputation for being windy, wet and wild. This one? How about wimpy, parched and mild.

Only a last-minute "cool" spell is keeping this from being the warmest on record in Philadelphia.

Based on the forecast, we see an average monthly temperature of 52.3. That would be No. 2 on the 139-year list, ever so close to the 52.5 of 1921.

As for precipitation, the March total so far is 0.51, and the month almost surely will finish in the top 10, if not the top 5. The record is 0.38, in 1910, thus out of reach.

We've also remarked on two other March curiosities. Fog has been reported on 21 days so far, and the winds have averaged under 9 m.p.h.,, about 20 percent below normal.

What is really different about this March is obvious: It's beginning to look a lot like May.