Friday, November 28, 2014
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Little League washout?

Storms likely at game time in Williamsport, but still a chance tonight's game will happen.

Little League washout?

That team from Las Vegas that has rolled over opponents might be in for something a bit different tonight – and we’re not talking about Mo’ne and the Taney Dragons.

Meteorologists are calling for thunderstorms, with up to three-quarters of an inch of rain in Williamsport. That’s more rain than Las Vegas typically experiences during an entire summer.

The National Weather Service has a 73 percent likelihood of rain at 7, with probabilities not dropping much during the next few hours.

However, summer rains are notoriously capricious, and it’s possible that the rains will shut off long enough for the teams to play, said Tom Kines, a meteorologist with Accu-Weather, in State College.

“I think they have a chance,” he said. “I don’t’ think there’s a slam-dunk that they’re not.”

Some showers were brewing this morning but they seem to be dissipating, he said, and it’s possible that showers that pop up this afternoon might back off during the evening.

Thursday isn’t looking a whole lot better, but the odds of rain drop off to about 50-50 after 7.

As for the Phillies – that’s the local Major League baseball team, by the way – they should get their afternoon game in against the Seattle Mariners. Start time is 1:05, and no rain is expected, for better or worse.

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