Kenny Chesney, beach boy

Our musical tastes notwithstanding, reading Jackie Urgo's piece this morning about Kenny Chesney's beach gala reminded us of that we wouldn't mind getting a face-full of ocean on a day like this.

It also called to mind what an amazing phenomenon the Wildwood beach represents. We've been to many, many beaches, and have never seen the likes of Wildwood's.

It goes on and on and on, the only place we're aware of that has a beach big enough for a mega-concert.

That concert is being made possible, in part by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

From 1908 to 1911, the U.S. government spent $15 million to build mile-long stone jetties to stabilize the inlet between the Cape May and the Wildwoods.

Since then, the Wildwood beach has been expanding and expanding to a point where the town in effect has no more oceanfront property.

Meanwhile, the Army has struggled mightily to keep sand on Cape May's, at immense cost to taxapeyrs.

Since the erosion there was the result of a government engineering project, the Cape May beach has been restored continually at government expense.

The Chesney concert is to take place off Schellenger Avenue, and old-timers might remember that Schellenger was the stuff of legend.

When kids got lost on the beach, something that happened several times a day, that was the location of the information bureau where lost children were given asylum until their parents (distraught or otherwise) came to claim them.