June's rainy legacy

Today we might be in for something completely different -- a rain-free afternoon.

However it's likely that by the time June 2013 ends tomorrow night, it will add to its official 10.11 inches in Philadelphia.

Already it has becomet the rainiest month not named July, August, or September in the 142-year period of record.

It's also quite possible, with showers possible tomorrow afternoon and evening, that June will move up a few notches in the all-month standings. Right now, it stands at No. 10.

Here is the all-month Top 10 list from the National Weather Service:

AUG  2011   19.31

SEP   1999    13.07

AUG  1911    12.10

SEP    1882   12.09

AUG   1873   11.79

JUL    1994    10.42

JUL    1919    10.30

AUG   2009    10.29

SEP     2011   10.27

JUN     2013   10.11