June, Marlins, downpours coming

Officially, today's U.S. Drought Monitor has the region colored in the "abnormally dry" zone, but we suspect those yellow days are numbered.

A potent front will approach tomorrow packing strong winds and potentially heavy rains, with 1 to 2 inches possible on the first night of June, and perhaps a few splashes more on Saturday.

The National Weather Service says severe storms are possible in South Jersey and Delaware and in Philadelphia and Delaware County.

If the Phillies-Marlins game isn't called off, and plan to go, take the rain gear. And as they say on those road signs, "expect delays."

The mention of showers shows up in the forecasts for Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It also will be on the cool side, with temperatures no higher than the 70s.

The region is still running a significant rain deficit for the year. Through yesterday, the official Philadelphia total stood at 11.12 inches, about two-thirds of the normal, 16.74.