Hot weekend, hot month, hot prospects

The adventurous who were calling for the summer temperatures to average above normal around here are looking smarter by the day.

With another pulse of heat taking hold for the weekend -- perhaps the mid-90s on Sunday --  this is on target to be one of the warmest Junes on record, probably breaking into the top five among the 137 years of official record-keeping.

What's more, despite the record snows of winter and a February-long snow cover that held down temperatures that month, the Jan. 1-June 30 period also may get into the top five warmest on record.

June temperatures are averaging close to 76 at Philadelphia International Airport, about 5 degrees above normal, with the government saying it's looking like above-normal readings for the rest of the month.

If the month were to finish at 5-plus or better, July and August would have a hard time bringing the overall summer temperature back within normal range.

The government's long-range outlook, released yesterday, says that odds tilt toward a warm July, August and September period.

By our analysis, through today the temperature since Jan. 1 stands at 51.3, and an additional 12 warm days would nudge it into the elite class among first-six-month periods.