Holiday heat: A benign turn?

The atmospheric magnificence we are experiencing is due to expire Saturday, but the impending blast of heat isn't looking as ferocious as it was in the week.

The National Weather Service had hoisted a notice saying it might have to issue a heat advisory during the Saturday-Tuesday period.

Today, however, the heat and humidity have been turned down subtly, at least in the forecasts.

In fact, in the morning discussion, the outlook for Saturday notes that while temperatures and dew points "increase a bit ... it still will be nice."

The projected high temperature has been knocked back a few degrees, to about 90. Accu-Weather also has shaved a few degrees off the temperatures and dewpoints.

The Fourth, itself, looks to be more uncomfortable, but right now it appears that this won't be a long-lasting hot spell.

In any event, it's likely to be huge weekend for all those Shore places that sell ice cream.