Heat: Is this ever going to end?

This is certain to become the 41st day of the year in which the official Philadelphia temperature hits 90 or better, and the record for 90-plus days, 53, is no longer out of reach.

Also, barring late-month surges of cool air from the Hudson Bay area, the summer of 2010 is going to be the hottest ever for the June 1-Aug. 31 period.

One aspect of the summer that evidently has kept it from being an urban-mortality disaster is the fact that the heat has been broken up from time to time, and that's about to happen again.

After tomorrow, temperatures are forecast to fall back closer to normal levels, but looking at the latest outlook from the government's Climate Prediction Center is reminiscent of touching a hot pan with an already burned finger.

It calls for a strong likelihood of above normal temperatures for the next two weeks. As we've posted before, that even if August temperatures finished at normal levels, this will be Philadelphia's No. 1 hot meteorological summer.

As for those 90-plus days, the record-holder, 1991, is in for a challenge. That was the year that it hit 90 on 53 occasions, with 11 of those occurring after Aug. 10. 

Should it hit 90 on a comparable number of days from here on out, it's going to be a close call.