Heat Wave II brewing

We're prepared to go out on a limb and predict that places such as Springer's ice cream parlor in Stone Harbor are going to have one banner weekend.

Just in time to chase folks off the mainland, the second heat wave of the season is due to get cooking Friday and continue at least through Sunday.

This one will be a shade different from last week's. For one, the temperatures aren't expected to be quite as hot.

For another, the atmosphere may be a bit more volatile, increasing the chances of showers.

The National Weather Service is calling for highs in the mid-90s Friday and Saturday, and again is saying that it might have to issue an excessive heat warning.

But those readings won't come close to the daily records. Temperatures in Philadelphia have hit 100 or better on every calendar day from June 29 through July 11.

And it appears that temperatures will bump down a few degrees on Sunday, and it's not clear whether the heat will persist until July 4th.

Once again, the Shore isn't going to be all that much cooler, since the high pressure responsible for the heat will be over the middle of the country; the hot air will be coming from the land.

And the water remains toasty warm. Surf temperatures off Cape May were 78.8 degrees at last look this afternoon; 76.6 at Sandy Hook, and 71.6 at Atlantic City.

Looking ahead, the government's Climate Prediction Center favors above-normal temperatures for most of the nation for the next two weeks.

Based on a statistical analysis, the weather service in Mount Holly is predicting that overall, the summer will average near normal.

The variables considered include the date of Philadelphia's first 90-degree reading (May 29); the date of the first heat wave (last week), and recent conditions in the tropical Pacific.

If that works out, the July-August temperatures would have to average a tad below normal, since June is going to finish slighly above.