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Heat History in July

July historically is the hottest month, and this was the hottest of the hottest.

Heat History in July

The period of official temperature records in Philadelphia cover 1,651 months dating to 1874.

And as noted in our online story, among of all of them, July 2011 was the warmest ever, with an average temperature of 82.3.

Although the solar energy peaks with the summer solstice, July historically is the hottest month because it takes awhile for that peak energy to take effect.

August isn't exactly January, but the longer nights tend to erode the heat.

Thus, all 10 of the warmest months on record happen to be Julys. The very warmest August, 1980's, at 79.9, comes in at No. 11 on the all-time list.

Here is the top 10. Again, all 10 are Julys.

2011 -- 82.3

1994 -- 82.1

2010 -- 81.7

1995 -- 81.5

1993 -- 81.4

1955 -- 81.4

1999 -- 81.1

1988 -- 80.7

1952 -- 80.1

1887 -- 80.7



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