Good night, snow

Under attack from the February sun and urbanization, the snow pack has flattened quickly, like a tire losing air.

Tomorrow morning may be the last opportunity for awhile to admire the remains of the glittering crystals and those uncanny tree shadows cast across the layers of white.

After a cold start, temperatures will head into the 40s in advance of a rather serious looking rainstorm. 

The stubborn snow piles of January and the fresh coating this week may have obscured the fact that this has been quite a dry month.

Through yesterday, less than 1.5 inches of precipitation had fallen in February, only about two-thirds of normal.

That will change by day's end Friday when the monthly total could end up doubling, with heavy rains accompanied by high winds.

After a weekend cool-down, more rain is possible early next week as the meteorological winter comes to an end.