Fourth-warmest winter

With an average temperature of 40 today in Philadelphia, the "winter" of 2010-11 has become the fourth-warmest in 138 years of recordkeeping.

The average temperature for the December through February period -- the meteorological winter -- would be 40.7 degrees Fahrenheit, or 6.3 degrees above the long-term winter average of 34.4.

We got through the winter without a single "cold snap," defined by National Weather Service climate guru Mark DeLisi as three consecutive days in which the temperature fails to get above 35.

By his count, that's happened 11 other times.

As for snow, we stand at 4 inches for the season, just 399.9 behind Valdez, Alaska.

Assuming it doesn't snow again around here this season -- and that's looking like a very safe assumption -- the winter of 2011-12 would tie for No. 4 among the least-snowy winters.