Floods, 4 p.m. Update

A car tries to navigate flooding at the intersection of Post and Price in Trainer, Delaware County. (Mari Schaefer / Staff)

The rains that have turned parts of Delaware County into a water park are letting up, but water up to 4 feet deep has accumulated on some streets.

In the Marcus Hook-Trainer emergency personnel have been invovled in at least six water rescues, according to esteemed colleague Mari Schaefer, who is at the scene.

Evacuations were reported in northern Delaware. In Trainer, a dump truck got stuck in the water after the driver evidently ignored a police car located specifically to avoid just such an occurrence.

"The (pejorative deleted) drove right past me," said Police Sgt. Rick Cominskie. The standing water reached all the way to the truck's rear-view mirrors.

The National Weather Service reported that at Philadelphia International Airport, 1.75 inches of rain had fallen in the latest round.

That's over 5 inches of rain in the last four days. That's more than had fallen from May 1 through last Friday, the day, coincidentally, that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced it officially was concerned about the prospect of developing drought.