Flood threat update, 9 a.m.

The flood watch remains in effect for the entire region, but we have noticed a subtle trimming back of the forecasts for the higher-end amounts.

So far, the heaviest rains have picked on areas south and east of Philadelphia; Millville, for example, has picked up 0.2 inches in just an hour.

The totals have been paltry on the Pennsylvania side, with Philly measuring just 0.04 inches in the last 24 hours. Some heavier rains finally moved into the region around 9.

Meanwhile, the first moments of fall has begun with a summer-like sogginess saturating the atmosphere and dense fog in some areas. (We're not sure that this is what Carl Sandberg had in mind with that "little cat feet" metaphor.)

Although the rain is off a slow start, 1 to 3 inches is expected throughout the region, with isolated amounts up to 5.

Even if the forecast verifies, the official rainfall totals since Aug. 1 couldl exceed the amount that fell during the entire calendar year of 1922.

Rain since Aug. 1 is more than quadruple normal ... but you probably knew that already.