Monday, October 20, 2014
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Flood threat: Lunchtime update

Flood advisories posted for the entire region as downpours arrive.

Flood threat: Lunchtime update

The heavy rains spared the morning rush in the immediate Philadelphia area, but this isn't looking like the lunch hour to be eating outside.

Around 11, National Weather Service radar indicated that over an inch of rain had fallen in some parts of the area in the previous hour.

Radar was indicating more where that came from, a flood advisory was in effect for the entire region, and it appears that we're in for an afternoon of it.

The official 0.34 inches measured at Philadelphia International Airport brings the total since Aug. 1 to 26.75.

Yes, that's a two-month record, and it's within 3 inches of the total for the 12 months of 1922, with showers in the forecast from now until Wednesday.


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