First-pitch hitch?

The daffodils evidently have survived the attack of the snow, but nuisance light rain continues to patrol the region.

We've seen very unofficial reports of 1 and 2 inches in the western suburbs from the morning ambush, and 4 toward the Lehigh Valley, but most of those oversized flakes melted on contact around Philly.

The snows are gone, but it's possible that light rain or drizzle could be falling at Citizens Bank Park at first-pitch time, 1:05 p.m., says Paul Walker, a meteorologist at Accu-Weather.

That probably won't be enough to hold up the Phillies' opener or cause an in-game delay.

If the weather seems cool and cruel for the start of the baseball season, don't blame the atmosphere, argues Walker -- blame baseball.

"They're staring the season too early!"