Driest run in 12 years over

Before the rains moved in yesterday morning, only 2.9 inches of rain had been measured at Philadelphia International Airport in the previous two months.

That constituted the driest 60-day period since the 60-day run that ended on New Year’s Eve in 2001, and that dry spell helps explain why stream flooding wasn't more widespread.

So far, just over 2.2 inches has been reported at the airport since yesterday – the heftiest soaking since July 28 -- with more showers possible before the precipitation ends, maybe as a little snow this evening.

Over 3 inches has been measured elsewhere in the region, and the fresh totals have pushed the official annual precipitation total over 50 inches, making this one of the wetter years on record.

However, thanks to the timely dry spells and the fact that areas in the headwaters of the Schuykill and Delaware River haven’t been inundated, the region has avoided major river and stream flooding.

As we've noted before, the region also is experiencing its longest stretch without a prolonged drought in records dating to 1980.