Drought watch: Signs of rain?

Both the Garden State and its neighbor to the west have put nature on notice that they are watching the rapidly intensifying dryness.

That might be just what the parched region ordered.

Last month, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection declared a drought watch for five northern counties, and shortly thereafter it started raining up there.

In fact, as department spokesman Larry Ragonese pointed out, that's the only part of the state that was inundated, as New Jersey went through its driest summer since 1966.

Thus the fact that the department has declared a "drought watch" for the entire state, with residents asked to cut water use voluntarily, may be cause for optimism rather than anxiety. 

So we welcome the news that the Pennsylvania environmental department plans to convene a meeting of the federal-state drought task force to talk about the next move to combat the dryness.

Back on July 9, the Pennsylvania environmental agency announced it was convening a federal-state task force to talk about the drought potential.

During the next five days, over 5 inches of rain fell in Philadelphia.