Drought between the raindrops?

This morning broke dismally with drizzle and leftover drizzle, but it's been awhile since gloom was so welcomed.

Officially, the 1.62 inches measured at Philadelphia International Airport represented the heaviest rain since April 16. Heavier dowpours had fallen elsewhere, but  spring and summer rains are notoriously capricious.

It appears that another substantial rain is on the horizon for the weekend, but it may be too late to stave off a drought watch in Pennsylvania.

The lastest U.S. Drought Monitor map places a significant portion of the state, including parts of Chester and Montgomery Counties, in the "moderate drought" category.

For the last two months, precipitation in Chester County was only 63 percent of normal through yesterday.

So far, New Jersey remains in the normal state, at least in terms of dryness, and the 60-day totals for Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties were above normal.

In any event, we learned again this morning that a little morning gloom beats the hay out of high heat.