Debby makes landfall

At 5, the National Hurricane Center reported that Debby had made landfall near Steinhatchee, on northwest Florida's Gulf Coast.

And as you may have seen on video images, Debby has been a super-soaker. Abby Sallenger, a U.S. Geological Survey geologist in St. Petersburg, Fla., says he measured 14 inches of rain at his house as a result of tropical storm Debby.

For those of you who were around here in September 1999, that total would top the rains wrought by Floyd in the Philadelphia region.

Debby was blamed for setting off seven tornadoes on Sunday, two of the ranking as 2s on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, winds up to 120 m.p.h.

As far as we're concerned, Debby will be heading out to sea, but it's possible that she could stir up the seas a big Sunday and Monday.