Daylight Losing Time

We have come to expect a certain degree of atmospheric cruelty in April, but this one is off to an exceptionally gloomy start.

Right now the sky is so low and brooding that it looks as though the government just declared an end to daylight savings time.

So far, not a single clear day has occurred this month, and that streak looks safe through tomorrow. The last time we waited this long for clear April day was in 2007.

On average, the skies of April are about two-thirds cloud-covered, but so far this month it's been about four-fifths.

Perhaps surprisingly, however, coming into today rainfall for the month was about a quarter-inch below normal. That should change, if it hasn't already.

The wetness looks to persist tonight, but the heaviest stuff appears to picking on South Jersey; here's the latest radar image.

As for the Phillies game, the forecast in Washington calls for showers, but it's quite possible the game will be played.

For us, the next sun opportunity is Thursday, when temperatures should shoot back well into the 60s.