Cool fact: A February postscript

It wasn't historically cold last month -- about three degrees below normal. In fact, for the meteorological winter, the period from Dec. 1 through Feb. 28, the overall Philadelphia temperature was quite close to normal.

Aside from the unbelievable snows, what distinguished February was a near historic absence of warmth. The highest temperature of the month, 46, and that was the lowest February maximum in Philadelphia since 1978.

Last month marked only the seventh time in the period of temperature records, which date to 1872, that the temperature failed to reach 50 at least once. The others were 2003; the aforementioned 1978; 1969; 1934; 1905, and 1901.

With the sun gaining so much wattage, the region usually can count on at least one teaser day in February. The temperature has reached at least 70 on 15 February days, and hit 60 or better 211 times.

The all-time high-temperature standard for the month was 79, on Feb. 25, 1930.

It looks as though it will be awhile before we see 79 in 2010, although we could make a run at 60 early next week.