Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Clouds over weekend

Rain delay may mean a gloomy Saturday.

Clouds over weekend

For a few days at least, the drought talk should be on pause as the National Weather Service is now calling for 1 to 3 inches between now and Saturday night.

As we've already observed -- and no doubt you have, also -- the rain continues to take its time getting here.

But we are assured that it is coming, and the weather service says that it could result in small-stream flooding and road-ponding. Been a long time.

Unfortunately, the effects of the delay are going to ripple into the weekend, and evidently the clouds and dampness are going to linger into Saturday.

Sunday, however, should be magnificent, and right now new brutal heat is in the outlook for next week.

Today, the official high at Philadelphia International Airport made it only to 85, the lowest maximum temperature in Philly since June 26.

Speaking of temperature matters, we have a correction to make in a post yesterday.

We wrote that this marked the third time in the period of record that the temperature had hit 100 in three consecutive summers, the others being 1993-'94-'95 and 1953-'54-'55.

 We neglected to mention the 1917-'18'-'19 triple-header. That was slightly before our time.


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Tony Wood Inquirer Weather Columnist
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