Chilling in November

A spectacular sunset that rouged the skies has ended yet another day of below-normal temperatures in the region.

And while the recent chill has been nowhere near a record, it is nonetheless noteworthy.

This marks the eighth straight day in which the official average temperature in Philadelphia has failed to register above normal.

We haven't had a stretch like this since we were knee-deep in snow, back in February.

From Feb. 6 through Feb. 17, when over 45 inches of snow was measured for Philadelphia, temperatures averaged below normal each day. (On the 5th, the day that 28.5-incher began, the average temperature actually was tad above normal.)

Once those snows were gone, nature turned on the burner.

Astonishingly, temperatures on more than 80 percent of the days in the March 1 through Sept. 30 period registered above climate normals. Only 40 of the 214 days finished below.

If this months seems to be off to a cool start, it is. Given what's happened around here since March, it may seem even cooler.