Snow: Biggest of season?

It's possible that 2 inches of snow will accumulate in and around Philadelphia during the weekend slop-fest, according to the latest National Weather Service forecast.

You'll note on the map that the 2 inch line runs almost right through the National Park, N.J., official measuring site.

Also, if you look at the text forecasts on the website, you'll see a different accumulation forecast.

But Mark DeLisi, the climate guru at the Mount Holly office, says go with the map; it's more current.

If that forecast holds -- and that remains a significant condition -- that would amount to 10 times Philadelphia's running total for the month.

So far, the big event of the month was an 0.2-incher that landed on National Park on Jan. 4. Some places to the north didn't even get that.

The seasonal king remains the 0.3 inches of Halloween weekend, and that could be in trouble.

In any event, it does not appear that roads would remain snow and/or ice-covered for long on Saturday as preciptiation looks to go over to rain in the morning in the Philly area.

Looking ahead, computer models have backed off the warmth somewhat for next week, although temperatures on Monday still are forecast to head to the 50s.

Will the region see any real winter before it's all over? The two-week outlook through Groundhog Day keeps most of the country warm.

A pattern change remains a possibility for February, said DeLisi, adding the obvious: "If there isn't, it isn't much of a winter."