96, and climbing

By 2, the official temperature at Philadelphia International Airport had nudged up to 96, within 3 of the record for the date.

But one mild, if not quite pleasant, surprise was that the humidity levels have stayed low enough to drop the dewpoint into the mid-60s.

As a result, the dreaded heat index was around 98, not quite as ferocious as foreseen yesterday, but certainly not what one would call comfortable.

We also notice that the National Weather Service has shaved a few degrees from the projected high, now calling for the thermometer to top out at 98.

Not often does the Philadelphia temperature reached the century mark. That occurs every four years or so on average.

When the high went over 100 in July 2011, that marked the first time in a decade. 

We would happily do without a repeat today, or any other day this summer.

Meanwhile, we note that the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging is keeping its heat line in operation until midnight. The number is 215-765-9040.