90 on Memorial Day?

However chilly the Atlantic may be, the Shore tourism industry somehow baked into our minds years ago that Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer.

This weekend, we won't need much convincing, with July-like humidity and the temperature making a run at 90 on Monday.

After two decades of steaming summers and a long run of abnormally warm months, one could reasonably wonder if the weekend is a foretaste of the next three months.

This morning another weather service weighed in with a rather empahatic, "no."

WSI Corp., a Massachusetts outfit that supplies forecasts to energy clients, says the summer could get off to a warm start, but it should cool off during the second half.

As Accu-Weather Inc., in State College, and Commodity Weather Group, in Washington, WSI believes that the blistering heat of the last two summers won't reassert itself.

WSI meteorologist Todd Crawford noted that the last four summers was marked by a North Atlantic "blocking" that locked weather patterns into place. That blocking isn't in evidence this time around.

As for the significance of a hot Memorial Day, remember that it snowed before Halloween, and what did that foreshadow for the winter?