Chill Marches on

March is about to mark the third consecutive month of below normal temperatures at Philadelphia International Airport, where  in recent years "below normal" has been abnormal.

Not since the three-month period that ended with February 2003 has the official temperature been below 30-year normals for three straight months.

The official high today was 59, at 3:59 p.m., which would put the monthly average at 38.9 Fahrenheit, or 4.6 degrees below the March normal.

February came in at 3.6 below, and January, 4.7.

March also broke another streak: It was the first month since November without double-digit snowfall, although the 8.5 inches still was well more than double the average.

The seasonal total stands at 68, and we don’t expect it to stand any taller.

Temperatures the next three days should be 60 or 60-plus.

If you’ve been driving around, you might have noticed that the trees are subtly swollen with buds and ready to pop, something they will do any day now.