October Saw Fifth Warmest Climate In Record History

Last month was the fifth-warmest October in records dating to 1880, according to the National Climate Data Center.

And by the climate center's count, this was 332nd consecutive month of temperatures above the 20th Century averages. Here is the report.

The combined land-and-sea temperature came in at 58.23 Fahrenheit, or 1.13 degrees over the October average.

Last month also was the warmest October since 2008, according to the climate center.

The global temperature may have been given a slight boost by above-normal sea-surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific -- El Nino.

However, those waters evidently are cooling off, and the Climate Prediction Center now is saying the El Nino watch is toast.

That decision is captured somewhat in the CPC's updated winter forecast, posted today.

In October, odds favored above-normal temperatures in about half the nation for the Dec. 1-Feb. 28 period in the CPC outlook. The new outlook knocks that down to about one-third of the country.