Foodery on Ridge: Vegan-friendly and booze-friendly

For a booze-and-snacks deli, the Foodery on Ridge Avenue has a surprisingly wide selection (inset) of vegetarian and vegan convenience foods in addition to its array of craft beers. (Photo: Vance Lehmkuhl / Staff)

A large part of the purpose of V for Vegan is to spread the word about vegan finds, large or small, in the Philly area. One that I was reminded about yesterday is the Foodery in Roxborough (6148 Ridge Ave., 215-482-4500 ‎).

Part of a chain of three Fooderies (two others are at 10th/Pine and 2nd/Poplar) that supplement the standard Philly convenience store / deli with an impressive array of craft beers, the Roxborough location also boasts a nice selection of vegetarian and vegan convenience foods.

I had been in once shortly after the place opened earlier this year last year, and snapped a freezer-case photo for my own files. The reason I mention the place now is that I was reminded of that picdisa when I stopped in there yesterday - New Year's Day.

I was coming back from an out-of-town errand and wanted to be sure we had enough food and drink to cover the New Year's Day celebration (we have house guests) and despaired at finding anywhere open as I cruised through downtown Roxborough. But the Foodery had beer (I got a 12-pack of Shock Top for the Belgian White) and snacks and even frozen meal options, saving the day - or at least saving me an extra drive.

That's a large part of the idea, manager Young Kim told me today. While the basic setup of the place is the same in all three Philly stores, the managers make supplemental stocking decisions and Kim said that "I've been trying to get more of the healthier options that aren't typically available right around here. The vegetarian, the vegan, the gluten-free stuff that people would have to go elsewhere in town for."

Keeping it local -- nobody can argue with that. And not just for the "sustainable" angle -- you'll appreciate it when you need to grab some food/drink fast, say, in the face of an impending snowstorm!

Now, this is a convenience store, so the total number of items isn't huge, but even the big supermarkets a few blocks away on either side (Acme and Shop-Rite) don't have the range of brands within this section, including stuff like Dr. Praeger's vegetable-righ veggie burgers. But Kim promises "more to come," and wants customers (and potential customers) to feel free to suggest new items on the store's Facebook page.

V for Vegan applauds this development, though we know there are other places around town that are doing likewise, making plant-based food offerings ever more accessible and convenient. Let me know of your own neighborhood faves, big or small!