DNC-themed talk boasts all-star vegan chef team

Vegan Chef Lenka's "DNC Chefs Team"

I've listed some great places to get real vegan cheesesteaks over the course of this week, but there's one venue that's only available tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26, from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM, and that's the Philadelphia City Institute Neighborhood Library, 1905 Locust St. (next to Rittenhouse Square).

That's where mini vegan cheesesteaks featuring will be part of an amazing menu put together by "Vegan Chef Lenka's DNC Chefs Team," nine vegan all-stars headed by local dynamo Lenka Zivcovic and the Vegan Desserts Diva herself, Fran Costigan!

The cheesesteaks will feature Michael's Savory Seitan along with mushroom au jus and daiya cheese; and MOES from Jenkintown is preparing freshly made mojito cucumber and tomato salsa along with house-made fresh corn chips. "Nates Natural teas will cool our thirst," notes Zivcovic.

Also on tap will be an assortment of artisan vegan cheeses, cold tomato gazpacho shooters, sesame shiitake chutney on rice points, crostini topped with BBQ tofu & blueberry jalapeño chutney, summer Tuscan sald boats, and canapés incorporating all-natural nut butters. Dessert items will include chocolate orange tahini truffles, gluten-free brownie bites, black-bean brownies and Irish chocolate pecan/cashew mini cups.   

The occasion for this tasty collaboration is the DNC-themed talk Animal Advocacy Through Legislation, a discussion among animal-friendly politicians and advocates that's presented by The Humane League, HSUS-Pa, and Penn Animal Advocacy. "An array of esteemed speakers will share their advice on using the legislative process to improve the lives of animals," says the event page.

Here's the lineup of the DNC Chef's Team, sure to create an impressively bountiful spread of food for thought!

*1 ALL STAR Vegan Pastry Chef / "Vegan Chocolate" author Fran Costigan
*2 Plant-based Chef/Educator/Writer Charlene Nolan
*3 Chef Fernando Peralta of Bryn Mawr's VGE cafe
*4 Chef Susan McCashew, owner of Saucy Sue's LLC
*5 Chef Megan Gibson, owner of PB & JAMS PHL
*6 Plant-based Nutrition & Heath Educator Brigitte Blanco
*7 Chef Tanesha Trippett, owner of Jacobs Catering
*8 Chef Lenka Zivkovic of The Plough and The Stars
*9 Chef Nadia Bartova, owner of "Raw Food.czVitarian v USA"

The event is FREE, but you'll need to register here.