Where Daniel Pearl's body was dumped

The building is nondescript, like a huge apartment block. in a field in east Karachi. But it contains a notorious religious school, or madrassa,  called Jama Ashrafiya, and when you drive around it you can see students and teachers in the rear courtyard. Young boys from poor families get meals and board and have their worldview shaped here.

Many of these radical madrassas are built without permits on government-owned land, yet the police never intervene (indeed the city mayor has no control over the police who respond to the provincial government). Repeated pressure by the United States and millions in education aid intended to bolster the underfunded public schools, have had little impact. Madrassa reform efforts undertaken by former President Musharraf, have come to little.

And so, hardline madrassas like this one continue to indoctrinate youths, a small portion of whom may become future suicide bombers.

And it was nearby this building, that the decapitated body of Danny Pearl was found.