The new Civic Awareness (II)

My translator Eyad, who was in Tahrir Square all 18 days of the Egyptian revolution, showed me a small flyer that is circulating widely around Cairo, instructing people on how to behave respectfully towards others and towards their country. (This is part of a whole burst of civic awareness and pride that has sent young men out into the streets picking up garbage and painting curbsides in the colors of the Egyptian flag: white, black and red )

The pamphlet reads in Arabic (translated by Eyad):

Egyptian pamphlet instructing people how to behave respectfully. (INQUIRER / Trudy Rubin)

We will change ourselves first:

- I won't bribe anyone again in any governmental institution

- I won't throw any litter in the streets

- I won't harass any girls

- I'll respect the traffic light even if there is no police officer standing

- I'll demand any police officer to treat me respectfully as a citizen with rights

- I'll be aware of the law and get to know my rights

- I'll try to upgrade the level of the street i'm living in

- I'll report any wrongdoing

- I won't be passive again

- We have to respect each other and be proud of our country which will no longer be controlled by anyone however high profile he is

- I will help the people in need and I will know my legal rights and duties

- 25th January isn't only about political's a change for each and everyone of us

- The price of this change was the blood and souls of the youth of this country...Let's promise them that their lives didn't go in vain.


Then it instructs the reader to "Copy and Share"