Iranian women's movement fights on

Yesterday I did an interview on Iranian women's role in the current upheaval with Mary Glenney who hosts a radio program dealing with women's issues on WMNF-FM in Tampa, Florida. I just wrote a column on this subject on Friday.

I promised that I would post the website for the remarkeable One Million Signatures campaign which hundreds of women have been conducting in Iran since 2007 in an effort to press their parliament to revise laws that discriminate against women. Many of their leaders had been jailed even before the current revolt, but they are bound to have been inspired to fight on as they watched the central role of women in the last few weeks. The current regime may try to ignores that fact, but it will continue to haunt them. 

The website is: and I suggest that you watch the short video that describes the women's efforts. It should inspire an international campaign by women's groups in support of greater rights for Iranian women, no matter who is in power.

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