With OBL's death, America the Competent has made a comeback

The killing of OBL is a boost for America’s belief that it is a “can do” nation.

Bin Laden had come to symbolize the nagging sense that the United States was no longer competent when it came to foreign policy (or economic policy).

We botched the attempt to catch OBL at Tora Bora. We made a terrible mess in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan drags on, and the man who made 9/11 kept eluding us one decade since the destruction of the twin towers.

Now, we have a smashing success in a highly difficult but crucial mission. Not only that, but one helicopter went bad (for mechanical reasons????!!!) the Navy Seals were prepared with a back-up. This helps offset bitter memories of the botched rescue attempt of Iranian hostages three decades ago, and of Blackhawk Down in Somalia.

 America the Competent has reemerged with OBL’s death.